Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ocracoke : Dune Day


As far as my kids are concerned, every day is a dune day.  My children spend hours playing in the dunes … imagining all kinds of cool stuff like being stranded on an island, or hiding from evil.


All I know is, they are together and having fun.  And my husband and I are on the beach & ALONE – sweet deal!!


It was a somewhat chilly and windy day – the dunes are also great for getting rid of the just-out-of-the ocean-i-am –freezing feeling …



Every once and a while I join the kids for some dune jumping … and this day I joined with my camera!

DSC_7152-2 DSC_7154-3 DSC_7178-2 DSC_7160-2 DSC_7156-2 DSC_7166-2


I hope you are enjoying my Ocracoke series …. one installment left ; Easter morning. (pretty uneventful, but nonetheless!)



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