Friday, May 6, 2011

Ocracoke : Portraits on the Porch


We arrived Ocracoke after a very early 6am departure from home, & a ferry ride that was nothing short of a roller coaster ride!  Windy, windy, windy day. 

But we made it.  We walked up the stairs to our rental cottage, and I immediately noticed the opportunity.  The screened in porch had the most beautiful light.  At 1pm.  North facing porch.  I was excited!


We unloaded and I grabbed my youngest model.  I wanted to play with this light immediately!  Soft and bright, and catch lights to die for.



f/2.5   1/125th  ISO 250


and then another …



f/2.5   1/125th  ISO250

not as sharp – she was moving – but mmmmm love me some dimples (:




f/2.2  1/125th  ISO250

I am trying to shoot more ‘wide open’, but have realized that my focal points aren’t as sharp wider that 2.8. Although this one is pretty sharp!  Time to get the lens & camera to the shop.




So after this I decided at some point during our long weekend I would take portraits of everyone.  I am totally planning another picture wall.  I say another … I don’t have one yet, but I have many plans in my head!




My son:



f/2.8   1/125th  ISO640  (had to increase ISO to compensate for not as bright light)

He likes to have his picture taken, but I have a hard time getting a genuine smile out of him when the camera is in my face.  So, I snapped this one from my hip (after saying something funny) – it ranks up there as an all time favorite!



f/2.8   1/125th  ISO640

I buy sugar cereal for vacations – this time was Lucky Charms.  Spoon-lickin’ good!






My oldest:



f/2.5  1/160th  ISO250

She wasn’t really in the mood ( imagine!), so this is the only good porch shot I got of her.  But, I have another that I shot while we were out to dinner at the harbor. 




f/2.5   1/125th  ISO250

mmmmmmmmmmmm love this one too!  her ‘far away’ look …


(Have lots more from the pier to share … next post)



Unfortunately I didn’t think to take on of myself.  Dang.  That light may have been nice to me!

Got one of my husband …



f/2.5  1/125th  ISO200

I took several of him – but this one definitely wins.  It was an ‘in-between’ moment, and I am finding those are always my favorite!




So, here’s one of me with youngest … making a pit stop before loading the ferry.

My portrait for today



f/2.8  1/125th  ISO400



Next post will be pier shots …. and then of course beach shots!!

(My camera and I were very happy on this trip)



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