Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ocracoke : The Ferry


Well, I’m finally getting around to our Ocracoke vacation pictures from Easter.

I took so many that I want to share, that I’ve decided to break it down into installments!


This first installment is from the 2 1/2 (turn 3+) hour ferry ride to the island.


Leaving the dock from Swan Quarter …




and since one of my new goals is to be IN pictures, here’s one of me + bed head and no makeup – we leave our house at 6am to catch this ferry…





The beauty of the ferry is the kids can run crazy while we relax, chat & read (:

Stepped out of the car and looked up and there he was.  I told him to freeze while I snatched my camera and put my 24mm lens on ….



f/10.0   1/640th  ISO160

(Use high f# to capture sun flare)

I was going for sun flare, but the sun wasn’t in quite the right place for my shot.  Decided to go with the angles instead.  This shot is in my ‘to be on the wall’ file!


Then of course my model had to join in – she could tell I was really into & excited about this shot.  Man, that girl begs me to take her pictures sometimes!!!


DSC_1747-2 Marc sharp








As you can see, the wind was whipping like crazy.  It was fun & made for some fun snaps…







ha ha this one cracks me up!










Next post will be “Sisters on the Beach”


Have a great day!


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