Monday, May 9, 2011

What a Weekend!


Was quite an exciting one, to say the least!


Friday night was the Art of the Auction preview event.  I can’t really think of the words to describe what it feels like to have your own image hanging in an art museum.  WOW!  It was quite overwhelming – in a very good way!  Not to mention my nametag … full name and the word ‘artist’ printed underneath.  Whoa!


I am so lucky to have had so many friends come out to support me and enjoy the event.  A perfect evening!


I plan on heading out this week to take pictures – nope, didn’t bring my camera, nor phone.  Husband snapped a few with our point and shoot, and a good friend captured some with his flip video:



Heading down the path to the museum …




       Think I just saw my print!                                       The star of the image attended too –she’s awesome!




The signage next to my print (:


Again, I’ll be sharing more images once I get back there with my camera.  LOTS more – haha!!







Saturday I had my first ‘corporate’ shoot.  A friend of mine opened a yoga studio about 2 years ago.  She is amazing in every way possible.  She conducts teacher training, and this class is getting ready to graduate!  We planned 10 minutes for each person – one headshot, one beginner pose, one advanced pose and one teachers assist pose.  Everyone was assigned a time slot and it flowed very smoothly. 

Here’s one of my favorite shots from the day :

And yes, she IS balancing.  This was not a stop-motion shot!!  AMAZING.

Full gallery will be posted by Friday on my website if you want to check it out!






And lastly Mother’s Day.  Had a lovely day not lifting a finger!


Every mother should get on the other end of the camera for Mother’s Day.  Create and hold those memories for your children and generations to come.


I had planned a cuddle/tickle fest in bed with my kids.  That’s what I wanted for my gift – a picture of me & my babies.  No make-up – just bed heads and pj’s.

Of course life throws curveballs ALL the time.  My oldest was having, well, tween-age issues. 



“The tween-ager, the mid-lifer, the big heart & the crafty one”


Although this image isn’t the one I had planned on, it is p e r f e c t to me in every way.  True life.





My in-laws came over for a lunch BBQ.  The weather was perfect and we had a great afternoon just hanging out.  Love that!




Hope your week is a great one …



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