Monday, May 23, 2011

yup … she wants to be a model


One of the three final installments in my Ocracoke series!


Sun was setting … the beach was long and wide.  Light breeze.   ALWAYS my favorite time of the day.



Asked my girl if she wanted to do a mini-shoot with her walking down the beach.  That’s all I had to say, she did the rest.  Some of these images really smile, and some really crack me up!

DSC_2048ruby DSC_2051ruby DSC_2055ruby DSC_2057ruby DSC_2060

Now we’re having fun! DSC_2061rubybw DSC_2067 bw DSC_2078-2 ruby


Played a little differently with post-processing on these … gotta mix things up every once in a while!


Next up is ‘Dune Day’  and ‘Easter’ (which seems like yesterday!)



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