Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Whirlwind



What an amazing weekend I had assisting Todd Nichols with the wedding of Pat Day’s daughter.  It was an ‘assist’ situation, not second shooter.  However, I did get to shoot a little bit and got one shot that as Todd said, “this one will make Louisville Bride Magazine for sure” (Todd is pretty well known in his wedding community).  SO, I am excited about that!!!  However, I will have to share the image in a different post … sorry for the teaser!


I am slam bam busy which is a good thing … kids sports and activities are in full swing, and fall sessions are kicking up!  So for today I will share with you a picture of our dog Willis, and my mother’s dog Molly (Willis’ cousin, BFF, lover .. !)



Trust me, these dogs don’t normally sit still like this.  However, they had just finished a long session of chase & wrestling, so they were tired out!


I still have some images to share from my KY trip in August – those will be up next AND the Day wedding images!


Have a great hump day ~ See you soon!



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